Ferndale City

Situated in Humboldt County , California is the village of Ferndale that's surrounded by redwood trees. Ferndale , California , elevation 50 feet, has a population of about 1400 people, living within two square miles of city limits. In 1893 Ferndale was granted incorporation as a General Law city, that is, the city was not granted a separate charter, but falls under the General Law of the California statute.

They have a Mayor-Council form of government, where the mayor is elected separately from the City Council. The Mayor has appointive powers, subject to the approval of council, as well as appointive power to various committees. Typically the committees act as oversight and liaison between a specific city function (such as police affairs) and the city council. The mayor makes committee assignments, refers matters to committee and relies on the committees to make recommendations to the city council.

The whole town is a historical landmark and is known for its stunning Victorian buildings. Possessing a vibrant community with nearly 2000 people, Ferndale is a charming place to visit, showing real spirit and compassion towards each other.

Interesting Facts

  • Ferndale was the first town where the first Kinetic Sculpture Race took place
  • Ferndale is featured in several films, including Outbreak and The Majestic
  • The Humboldt County Fair is held in Ferndale and holds the only horse racing events in the entire county